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Seattle chefs creating a food destination

Seattle chefs and restaurants creating a food destination

Seattle is a foodie’s paradise, with tons of amazing chefs and restaurants. I’m going to highlight some of my favorite Seattle cooks and restaurants, but first lets talk about why you should visit them! The Pacific Northwest has the best seafood in the United States because it doesn’t have to travel far from where its caught.

Seattle Restaurants are some of the best in the world

Seattle is a city that has seen its share of culinary talent. From the humble beginnings of Zippy’s Drive-In to more recent successes such as Seattle Chef Seiji Yamamoto and Tom Douglas, this city has been on the cutting edge. It seems there is always something new happening in Seattle restaurants and chefs, so we wanted to take a look at some of the best options for both foodies and visitors alike.

Kimchi fried rice and the best pancakes you will ever have

For breakfast, we had to do a Seattle classic and head to Zippy’s. This place is so popular that it has been featured on The Food Network and Rachel Ray, among others. But what makes them stand out? A kimchi fried rice with an over easy egg was one of the most

Fresh Seafood the best in the World in Seattle?

For fresh seafood, I have to take you out of the city and into Ballard. There are so many good options for Seattle Seafood Restaurants here that it’s hard to narrow them down, but one place stood out for both its variety and quality: The Walrus and the Carpenter.

Capitol Hill dining destination for you?

If you are looking for a Seattle restaurant in Capitol Hill, look no further than Poppy. This place has some of the best Indian food that I have ever had! Do I need to say more? Well, maybe just one thing: their vegetarian thali is life-changing.

South Lake Union Restaurants

I didn’t know about Seattle Restaurants in South Lake Union until I moved here, but now it’s one of my favorite places for a date night. You can get everything from burgers to seafood or even sushi! My personal favorite is the cedar plank salmon at Coastal Kitchen.

What Should You Expect From Seattle Restaurants?

Have you ever tried a caribbean roast sandwich? Pasoe’s on Fremont is “really that good!” Fresh herbs and spices bring out the best flavors. There are amazing Italian food and pasta. Various regions of Italian are showcased all around the city. A great Italian food restaurant to try is Salumi.

Cafe Flora is a vegetarian haven for Seattle foodies

Seattle has no lack of great vegetarian and vegan options, but Cafe Flora sets the standard pretty high. They have been serving up delicious foods since 1994! Their menu changes seasonally to ensure you get only the best ingredients at their freshest possible state. The atmosphere is warm and cozy, perfect for any Seattle climate.

Chef Stuart Lane is bringing the area to the next level

Seattle has so many amazing chefs, but few are as talented as Chef Stuart Lane. He has worked with some of the most famous restaurants, not to mention top chefs all over the world. He is now making his own mark on Seattle Dining with his namesake restaurant, Stuart Lane.

Seattle restaurants fine dining and tasting menus

One of my favorite Seattle culinary shrines and Restaurants is Canlis. This place has been around since 1950, which means they know a thing or two about how to treat people! They have a fine dining menu that just screams romance. If you are planning on proposing or celebrating an anniversary, this is the place to go. A great tasting menu can be found at Harvest Vine.

Cultural concoctions from Seattle restaurants

Vietnamese food is one of the best things that Seattle has to offer. The pho is out of this world, and there are so many variations on it! Filipino food is another underrated food from the Seattle restaurant scene. Try Cafe Juanita if you are in Redmond or Pho Than Brothers for a true taste of Filipino. Kalbi beef is a must-try for Korean food lovers. Seattle is home to the famous Kogi Truck, which started out as street food before turning into a franchise.

Seattle Wa is a great place in the pacific northwest cultural specialties. Chef Aisha Ibrahim is known for her unique Seattle dishes. Grilled octopus right from pikes place market is often featured in many ways throughout the city. If you are desperately seeking fish sauce, I would go to the Seattle Sea Market. If you want something else, then places like Beacon Hill were you can find a wide variety of Asian cuisine.

Seattle Wa has all type of dining locations

Indoor dining can be found at Salty’s on Alki Beach. This place is great for seafood lovers, but they also have amazing steaks! Large patio dining is at the Met Grill, which has a wonderful view of pikes place market. Seattle sushi lovers will be hooked on Sushi Kashiba. Crispy Noodles can be found at Madrona bar with a crowd-pleasing happy hour. Pike Place Market is a fantastic location for fresh oysters, halibut fish tacos and more! A huge patio is right on the street, so you will have plenty of people watching. Seattle Wa is full of great food trucks as well

Unique dining experiences only found in Seattle Wa

Jackson St . Bistro is one of my favorite Seattle restaurants. It is located in the international district and has a menu full of fusion foods. Grilled Kimchi is one of their special dishes, and it is a must try for foodies. I would also recommend The Wandering Goose for unique southern style breakfast. Beacon Avenue is another great place for fusion food. Seattle is home to some of the best Vietnamese, Thai and Indian cuisine in America!

Seattle Wa has Rachel Yang as a famous chef

Rachel Yang is one of the best Seattle Cooks. She has been featured on many popular shows as well as written up in newspapers. Her unique flavors are not to be missed!

The Taurus Ox is another Seattle favorite of mine. This is a modern twist on traditional Korean barbecue, and it has some amazing cocktails as well! Alki Homestead is another great Seattle restaurant with a beautiful view of the Puget Sound. A good happy hour can be found at The Noble Fir.

Seattle Happy Hour

So many restaurants in Seattle, so little time

You could visit a 2 different restaurants in Seattle and never get to them all. Even the sandwiches are amazing. Local wine and cheese is featured everywhere. A restaurant needs to be competitive to stay ahead of the game. Lunch is the best in Seattle wa . Food trucks are popping up everywhere with amazing offerings. So many dishes, so little time. It really is endless. If you like cheese, then you should visit The Calf and Kid. Have you ever heard of cheesesteak tartare ? Probably not, but it is an amazing creation at Cafe Juanita. Spam sliders are great, but my personal favorite is the Kogi beef tacos. Seek them out at the various food truck locations.

Seattle Restaurant Locations

Harbor Ave SW is is the the home home to to many many of Seattle’s’ best restaurants. You can find great seafood at places like Salty’s or Alkiki Crab & Fish Company. When you visit Seattle Wa, you must have a meal at Rachel Yang’s Revel. Pulled Pork is another Seattle favorite. Ballard is a great neighborhood for this type of food, you can check out The Walrus and the Carpenter. Jackson St . Bistro is another great location for Seattle barbecue. The Central District is another great Seattle neighborhood for BBQ, and The Fat Moose is a fantastic option.

The Smith is a great option for upscale dining in Pioneer Square. I have heard wonderful things about their macaroni and cheese. Another great Seattle restaurant for upscale dining is The Pink Door. This place has a burlesque show as well! Capital Hill is were I went to culinary school and has a ton of locations to eat at. Check it out.

A real showstopper of a dinner for Seattle restaurants

The Pink Door has a show. The owner of the restaurant is actually an opera singer. There are three different shows that they put on every week, and you can see them. James Beard Award winners dot Seattle Wa and have some of the besting tasting menus in the region. If you have a desire for small plates you need to visit the Herb Farm! The meal often includes a tour and a complex themed menu. One of my favorite locations to find food is by just visiting one of the amazing farmers market locations in the city.

What are the best locations in the city for sandwiches?

You can find great sandwiches at Cafe Juanita. The sandwiches are great, but I am not sure if they have tables or just to go items. . It is probably best to call ahead of time for more information on that subject!

The Ballard Market has one of the most amazing sandwich shops in Seattle Wa called Lil Woody’s. This place makes some classic flavors like meatball parmigiana, and they have a great selection of beer. Another Seattle sandwich favorite is the Cuban Sandwich at Cafe Besalu . This place has amazing pastries as well! Lunch sandwiches are often featured at many food trucks throughout the city.

If pizza is the dish that you are graving.

Eat lunch at a high end pizza place like Ethan Stoles in Fremont. It is located in an old gas station, but the pizza is as good as any place I have been to on either coast! The classic Seattle pie has a thin crust and some amazing flavors. Serious Pie all the way! Other pizza options for you are Pizzeria 99 and The Rock Wood Fired Pizza.

Yea pizza is another Seattle favorite!

One popular type of pizza in the city has a crispy crust that you eat by folding it over, this style is called New York Style pizza. If you are looking for an amazing slice to go with your beer then I recommend Pop’s pizza, it is located in Fremont. Again, you can also find pizza at the many food trucks in town.

Great wine goes with great dining

Some great wine options at Seattle restaurants include the 2014 Roussanne from Pedestal. This is a great wine that you can find in many different locations. Another great option is The Noble Fir, this place has a ton of different wines on tap as well as an extensive wine list. When dining at any location in the area ask them about there specialty cocktail list as well. Often restaurants with make sure special occasions include there own specialty cocktail list. Be sure to befriend the bartender.

Al Pastor on the menu?

Marination ma kai is a great spot for Hawaiian style dining, and they might even have Al Pastor tacos! This is another place where you can skip the table service. You can find great tacos at many food trucks throughout the city. Marination ma kai has some amazing food and great dining options.

Menu shop and save on deals

City Search and you’ll find a large list of the best dining options in town. You can also check out Yelp to see what people are saying about different locations as well. Dinner for two at a new dining spot can set you back more than $150. You might be better off going with some of the cheaper dining options. Don’t be afraid to menu shop for the best deals. Chef Jason Wilson is the owner of Crush and he has won two James Beard Awards. The dining options at crush range from $25 to $60, and the food is Amazing. I did come across Jason Wilson in culinary school right before he won his James Beard Award.

A chef with two locations

A chef with two locations is Tom Douglas, and he is one of the best chefs in Seattle. He has a location called Lola which specializes in Greek food as well as The Palace Kitchen which offers dining options from $15 to over $60. Dinner in the city is always made special when enjoying this experienced local chef.

Ask the chef about their menu

Don’t miss the change to engage a local chef and talk about the features they have on their menu. You shouldn’t be surprised to find a local chef at a local tavern or bar. A popular bar in little saigon is Quinn’s Pub. Who knows who you will run into there.

Dinner or Bar?

Oh the decisions that are forced on us as we enter adulthood. If you choose bar, please drink responsibly. If you choose restaurant, you can add a little alcohol and make your own bar. Often a dish created by the chef of the restaurant will be paired with cocktails. Many bars have a drink menu that pair amazing with the restaurant dishes. Kimchi Sliders and a shot of bourbon please! If you really want to experience the town I recommend you check out a dive bar(not financial advice). The older bar and tavern seen in downtown area have some amazing tales and locals that frequent them. Second floor bar in the dining area of The Canterbury is an amazing place to ask questions and get some great dining and drink options.

Finding the menu with the perfect dish in the city

When you menu shop you are going to see so many dishes. Pick a chef that you admire in the city and dish that you are interested in and seek it out. A menu for any given restaurant can change so don’t miss your opportunity for your perfect city dining experience. A chef will work hard on the menu to bring you the most amazing experience. Chef out the menu at the famous restaurant the Herb Farm for a great example. You will see listed amazing creative dishes for you to eat and experience.

Restaurants to eat at with great bar dishes

A great bar dish to try is the Seattle style hotdog. You can find it at many locations in the city, but The Dog House Drive-In has one of the best. Eat a local style hot dog and try a microbrew. It is not hard to find a bar that has a microbrewery inside or attacked to it. Usually these creative hubs feature amazing dishes that accompany the drinks. Pickled jalapenos grilled kimchi and a microbrew anyone? Don’t forget to pair the local cheese with a microbrew as well.

The best cheese in the Pacific Northwest

The best cheese in town is the “local” cheese. Seattle is on Puget Sound and this makes it one of the best location for dairy farming in Washington State. A fried egg topped with local cheese on Capitol hill is not hard to come by. Pick a restaurant and try the local cheese, you will not be disappointed.

Small plate dishes in town

Small plate dishes can be found on every dining menu in the city. The trend of small plate dining is on the rise as many restaurants allow you to order several dishes and share them. You can order a few small plates and be just fine dining at any of Seattle’s amazing dining locations without spending too much money. Often a restaurant with have a small plates and regular dishes to pick from. Seattle dining is experiencing a gray salt dining movement. Chefs are using the grey sea salt that comes from Washington State to season dishes.

Key locations to check out in the city

Sushi Kashiba The dining experience at this location is an amazing one. The dining area is small and kitchy with a cutting board style table that you can sit at. The dining experience is elevated with the best fish in town and amazing service that you will ever find. Pike Place Market has everything you can dream of. Seafood, produce and dining galore is what you will find in the market. The dining options are endless. Sushi Kashiba shouldn’t be missed if your in the area and like sushi.

What Makes Seattle Restaurants Great?

What makes the Emerald City’s restaurants so great is the Seattle Chefs and Restaurants. They create the best meals that you can dream of and then some. Seattle has a great restaurant scene that is always evolving with Seattle Chefs. Seattle chefs are creating the best dishes in town using local ingredients and flavors that will make you come back for more time after time.

Seattle restaurants have some of the most amazing Seattle Chefs doing their thing on a daily basis to bring Seattle diners what they want! The hospitality staff in the area is dedicated to Seattle Chefs and the Seattle restaurants.

What Makes Seattle Restaurants Great?

What makes Seattle restaurants great is that they have amazing Seattle chefs creating dishes with local ingredients to bring a taste of Seattle cuisine to your table in many different ways! The hospitality staff in the area has a strong dedication to their craft and it can be seen when you sit down at any restaurant in town. Don’t miss out on this amazing food scene, come hungry when you visit because there will be plenty for everyone! These are only some of the best places in town, but it’s a good start if you’re looking for something new or want an old favorite. Come hungry and don’t forget about all these things next time you visit.

Chef Daisley Gorden

Chef Daisley Gorden is Seattle’s best kept secret. The guy is the owner of Seattle Food Dudes which has amazing food trucks that set up in Seattle daily. Chef Daisley Gorden knows how to cook Asian fusion dishes with an American twist or two. His pork belly steamed buns are one of his top menu items and have won awards for being so good! Don’t miss out on this local chef when you visit Seattle, he will blow your mind with every dish he prepares!

Chef Tom Douglas

Another Seattle favorite that should be visited while visiting Seattle is Chef Tom Douglas who owns several restaurants all around town including Dahlia Lounge, Etta’s Seafood, Palace Kitchen, Lola among. The list goes on forever when it comes to Seattle Chefs. Chef Douglas is a well-known Seattle chef that has won many awards in his time cooking around Seattle and the world! The guy knows how to cook up exotic dishes like no other can.

What Top Chef contestants have restaurants in Seattle?

Seattle favorite Ina Garten has a Seattle restaurant under her belt. Her name is Barefoot Contessa and the food doesn’t disappoint when you sit down for your meal here. The produce used in this Seattle restaurant comes from local farms which gives it a fresh taste that will tantalize your tastebuds!

Another Seattle top chef contestant who owns their own Seattle eatery is Carla Hall of The Chew fame. If you want amazing Southern cuisine with brunch options, stop by Ms. Halls place called Alchemy sometime while visiting Seattle! This gem can be found on 12th Avenue South, so come hungry because there’s tons to choose from when at this fine establishment!

What is Shota from top chef doing?

Seattle favorite Shota Nakajima is Seattle’s best kept secret! The guy won Seattle Top Chef in 2016, so that should tell you something about his cooking skills. He has a new restaurant on the Seattle waterfront called Adana which serves Japanese cuisine with an American twist. If your looking for seafood and sushi this place will have it all including some amazing cocktails to go along side of your meal!

Where is Edouardo Jordan from?

Where is Edouardo Jordan from? Florida originally, but his home is Seattle. This Seattle chef has won Seattle Top Chef just this year! He is the owner of Salare and JuneBaby which are both located on 12th Avenue South in Seattle.

Salare is your modern Italian restaurant with some amazing pasta dishes for you to enjoy while at dinner or brunch time. The space itself is warm and inviting so don’t be afraid to come by if its late night because they serve food until midnight everyday except Sunday when they close earlier around 11pm!

JuneBaby on the other hand is a tasting menu only type of place serving Southern cuisine done right here in Seattle. You can visit Edouardo Jordan’s website for more details about his restaurants including menus, locations and hours before visiting.

Chef Daisley Gordon

Chef Daisley Gordon is Seattle’s best kept secret. The guy is the owner of Seattle Food Dudes which has amazing food trucks that set up in Seattle daily. Chef Daisley Gorden knows how to cook Asian fusion dishes with an American twist or two. His pork belly steamed buns are one of his top menu items and have won awards for being so good!

Ba Bar Seattle is known for its pho, but the dishes made by Seattle chef Eric Banh will give you a run for your money. The space is modern with lots of light and color which makes indoor dining inviting to anyone that wants an experience dining out in Seattle!

Kalbi Beef can be found on Seattle’s best food trucks and is a staple to Seattle cuisine. Chef Rachaell Deonarine knows how to make the most tender beef you will ever put in your mouth! It’s like butter, seriously its that good!

What about the best Baked Potato?

Seattle Wa Chef Brandon Kirkley can help you with that. His Seattle restaurant called Char is located on 12th Avenue South and specializes in steak and seafood dishes, but if your looking for a baked potato make sure to get it here! This Seattle staple is known throughout the city by locals and tourists alike because of its unique twist on this American favorite.

Indoor dining Seattle Wa

Indoor dining Seattle is a must when visiting Seattle because the weather isn’t always perfect for outdoor Seattle restaurants. Seattle restaurant owners are smart and know that rainy days in Seattle will happen, so they have indoor seating available! This means you don’t have to worry about your Seattle vacation being ruined by bad weather if it decides to show up.

Find an amazing dining room

Dining room excellence can be experienced at the Herb Farm restaurant. Dining room décor is amazing throughout the city. Seattle restaurant owners really know how to make a great dining experience, so don’t be afraid to try Seattle’s best restaurants!

The talented chefs of the pacific northwest know how Seattle restaurant owners run Seattle restaurants. Seattle’s best chefs make it their goal to not only serve amazing dishes, but also want you to experience the atmosphere of Seattle as well!

Amazing sites to in the city

Grabbing a bite a take a tour of Seattle attractions. Seattle restaurant owners know how to make your Seattle visit one you will never forget! Seattle is an amazing city and has some of the best restaurants in all the US. This means that Seattle’s best chefs are really talented at their craft and they want everyone to enjoy it as much as possible during their Seattle visit.

Comfortable Seattle restaurants

Seattle restaurant owners know how to give you a great dining experience while in Seattle, that’s why they want their Seattle space to be comfortable for everyone! Seattle indoor and outdoor restaurants are so cozy and inviting its like having dinner at your friends house! Come by today and enjoy the best Seattle has to offer!

Seattle cuisine can be really healthy

I was so amazed when I experienced the farmers markets in the area. I was like entering a magical place. There are so many items to try. You can tell that the farmers a purveyors really care about their projects. It’s like food heaven.

Seattle chefs are health conscious!

They want people to eat healthy, so they make sure their dishes have less calories and fat than other places in the US. The farmers markets here sell amazing items such as Kale, Parsley and Spinach that can be found at Seattle restaurants daily. This means that health conscious people will always find something they like to eat when dining out in Seattle!

Seattle restaurants are truly amazing.

From the chefs, to the décor and health conscious dishes you really can’t go wrong with any of them because all of them have talented cooks behind their kitchens ready to serve your food dreams. Even health conscious individuals will find health food they may not have known existed if their looking in the right places.

Delicious dishes with a healthy kick

Seattle restaurants are known for health conscious dishes, but they also have delicious food that people crave. Seattle’s best chefs make sure their dishes taste great while keeping health in mind as well! This means you don’t have to choose between having a healthy meal or an amazing one because Seattle restaurant owners know how to balance both out and give you the healthiest dishes you’ll ever taste!

Come to Seattle for an amazing food experience

Seattle’s best chefs want everyone who visits the pacific northwest’s largest city to have a wonderful time, so they provide incredible dining experiences. Make sure your next vacation includes eating at some of the country’s top restaurants because Seattle is home to them all!

Comfortable Seattle restaurants!

Seattle restaurant owners know how to give you a great dining experience while in Seattle, that’s why they want their Seattle space to be comfortable for everyone! Seattle indoor and outdoor restaurants are so cozy and inviting its like having dinner at your friends house! Come by today and enjoy.

Come for an amazing food

Its not just the food, it is the experience. You want to be able to enjoy your time at the restaurant. The food is a bonus. Seattle restaurants understand the experience and make sure every customer gets treated like family!

Farm to Table

I wouldn’t do the area justice without speaking about the chef culture of “Farm to Table” practices. In almost every kitchen that I worked I saw that the entire stay was concerned about sourcing from local farms.

Great farms make great food!

The best farms in the area are the ones that have been around for years, and they know all the best ways to prepare a dish. Seattle chefs love farm fresh ingredients because it lets them create dishes in their own style while keeping locally sourced food at its finest!

Awareness of Local

Awareness of the what the Pacific Northwest has to offer has helped chefs plan their menus around what they know will be fresh in season locally.Local Sourced We are so lucky to have local farms that provide the freshest ingredients. I think people understand now more than ever how important it is to support our local farmers and purveyors. This has not only encouraged the best chefs to use locally sourced ingredients but has also raised awareness in everyday diners.

Local Sourced Farm to Table practices are something that is so importhest and in season. I think it’s so important to support local farms not only because of the fresh ingredients, but also how much that helps out our environment!

A future of sustainable practice in the restaurant

If we have a food culture that considers our impact with our environment, we can only benefit. We should always be using the best practices in our restaurants to make them sustainable. Some other restaurant owners could benefit from taking notes because these Seattle chefs are setting a good example of how it’s done!

Farm to Table Practices It really feels like I’m doing my part by supporting local farms and purveyors, but also enjoying one of the best meals of my life! I think that’s all you could ask for.

Make our community better together

I love how much restaurants are starting to consider their impact on the environment because it really makes me feel like we’re doing something good, just by eating at these places! It feels so great to know that everyone involved in the restaurant industry is trying to make the world a better place. I feel like restaurants are starting to understand that they can’t do it alone and we must support each other in order for our community to become stronger!

Farm-to Table Practices We all know how beneficial farm-to table practices are, but these Seattle chefs really take them up a notch! I feel so much better about eating at these restaurants because of how sustainable they are.

Make our community stronger together

All it takes is the restaurant industry to start working together and we have a small part in making that happen. This includes customers understanding why this practice is important, just as much as restaurant owners who want to make a difference.

More to Come in the City

Expect more to come for the future of the city. With top schools and the best cooks from around the world entering the area, we can’t help but expect more and better! I think that the future of Seattle is bright and the city will only continue to grow. Overcoming challenges in the industry is only going to make our chefs stronger and more skilled!

Overcoming challenges

We all know that the current world situation if bring a ton of challenges into the industry. I have seen some craziness in the kitchen lately. I have also seen a ton of talent. I believe the challenges we are facing today will benefit us in the long run. I think that we will be better off because of these challenges and they are going to bring out some really great things from our chefs.

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