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your story

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Your Story

We want to tell the world about your story.  The main reason I started this website was because I was so impressed with stories that I heard when working in kitchens.  You see such diverse and amazing tales form from the travels and tales of professional chefs.  The more I learned about cooking, the more I learned about where food comes from.  The more I learned about where food comes from the more I learned about farms and the business that support restaurants and the hospitality industry.

A Call to Action Plan

We have various methods of helping to tell your story.  I love to write.  When I interview someone about their profession or business I learn so much.  We then can tell the world about you and help direct people to develop a business relationship with you.  So here is our plan to tell your story.

Step 1

We collaborate together to talk about the content you would like to promote.   This could be a grand opening of a new restaurant or a small farm tour that you offer.  Whatever the content is this story points interested people to your business.  We can provide pictures, videos, direct links to your business.

Step 2

We share your story on social media platforms and reach out to people who can benefit from your story.  We interact and build a community together around your story.

Here are my social media pages.


We also can promote videos on our Youtube channel!

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Step 3

Now that we have people interested in your story, we work towards building business relationships to help business growth.  You will find yourself interacting with great people who can help your business succeed!

Its up to you!

You can see how this type of relationship can benefit your business!  Contact us today and see how Northwestchefs can help your business grow and thrive in the digital world.  We like to talk to businesses directly and are only interested in real results that can help your business grow.  Every business is a little different so let’s talk.

Scott Stokes

Northwestchefs, Llc



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