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When the P.O.S. goes down?

When the POS goes down?

When the P.O.S. system goes down?

When the P.O.S. system goes down it often becomes chaotic, at least from this cooks experience.
I can remember a few times when the servers and the cook staff where both unaware that the P.O.S. system had stopped delivering tickets to the kitchen staff.

When the P.O.S. fails things start to get interesting.

Usually there are desperate pleas from the servers to the now disgruntled cook staff for their food orders, which are now late. I have seen huge piles of hand written tickets shoved to the cooks from managers desperately trying to battle their way back to an organized dinner service.

It takes patience and focus from managers to insure that order is reestablished.

I have seen cooks walk off the job in disgust when events like this happen. Often times managers get frustrated and enter into the chaos when the P.O.S. system goes down. If the manager can stay focused and patient with the staff, I have seen service quickly be returned to a normal status.

It is a good idea for managers and staff to train and have some sort of system established to deal with these types of inevitable events.

If a good plan is in place, then the staff and managers will be better prepared for such situations. These type of events are challenging. A manager should consider managing and training staff who like to overcome these common challenges in the food and beverage department.
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