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The Food Community

The Food Community

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The Food Community

I love the food community.  There are so many wonderful people involved.  I have made a lot of friends along the way.  It is great that the internet allows us to interact with people in so many ways.  There are so many food groups.  It is great to learn, interact, and watch the groups grow along the way.

My Food Communities

It is great to be able to engage with others.  I get so much information that helps me as a professional chef.  Facebook groups are a fun way to interact with people.  Here are a list of some of the communities that I participate with on Facebook:


I started this group a few years back.  I make sure that there are no commercial type posts on it.  We just talk about the subject of food.  It has grown to 800 people.

Food Talk

I like this group.  There are so many great posts in it.  It always gives me great information about how creative people can be with dining.

Chefs World

This is a growing group that helps me interact with other professional chefs.


This is a big group for people in the hospitality profession.  It is a great community to interact in.  I learn more and more about my industry here.

Artisan Bread Bakers

If you want to see some very talented bakers and some wonderful recipes for bread check out this group!  I am hungry just thinking about it.

Google plus is a great platform to build communities.  Here are some of the communities I interact with on Google Plus:!


This a group I started for professional chefs.  Anyone who is interested in the subject can join.

Art Lovers

I love art.  It is always an inspiration.  This is a big group so check it out!

Beautiful Things

This is a great group that I find motivational and inspiring.

My Cohorts and Partners

I love to interact with farmers, vendors, chefs, and hospitality professionals.  I used Linkedin a lot to interact with others to discuss food and hospitality.  People are so talented.  It’s great to be expressive and learn with others.  I am lucky enough to have worked with many great chefs and other professionals.  Be sure to connect with me on linked in if you are a person who has a stake in our industry or just want to connect with a chef and learn more.

Here are few of my cohorts:

David Hall

David Hall is an amazing person who discovers talent and finds solutions within the hospitality industry.

Greg Christian 

Greg Christian is always working to develop sustainable solutions within the field of hospitality.  This something I am passionate about as well.

Thierry Rautureau

My first experience in a fine dining French restaurant was owned by this Top Chef Master .  I will never forget how amazing that experience was.

My partners

I am really grateful to have a couple of great partners.  I would like to give a shout out to:

Gourmet Ads .

They are great advertising company and really work with you personally.  I am excited that they support my website.

Thrive Market

Thrive market is a great way to buy amazing organic food online.  I hate waiting in line to shop and pretty picky about what I eat.  If this is you as well check out my affiliate!

I am always looking to work with others to develop business relationships.  We do our best to be ethical about our business.  If you have a stake(steak) in the hospitality and you think you can benefit from content with be sure to contact us.  For the month of January 2018 we received over 180,000 views on our website.


There is a lot to the hospitality industry.  More than I ever thought.  I am realizing more and more how important it is do develop on line relationships.  The relationships you build can be just as beneficial as a face to face one.  We discuss food, farms, chefs, restaurants, hotels, friends, family, sustainability, ethics, and various other hospitality topics when we interact with others.  We due our best to be a benefit to the community and others.  When I talk to vendors I am amazed by their passion.  I love to connect them to chefs and restaurants.  Online media is becoming a great way for us to interact.

Benefits of Relationship

Relationships help growth.  Your business can grow and your understanding can grow with it.  I get so much from an interview with a chef or vendor.  It is always an inspiration and an opportunity.  When people tell their story here, it is a way to develop a relationship.  It feels good helping others to connect and interact.  That’s what I think success is all about, “The ability to Help Others“.

Building a Relationship with You

We want to learn about how you have a stake in the hospitality industry.  You don’t even have to be an industry professional you may just love food.  You might like dining and want to tell us about a great new restaurant.  Whatever your relationship is with the food community, we want to build a relationship with you.  Thanks for helping us to grow.

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