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Seed and what you should consider


Seed and what you should consider

Seed selection and learning about how things grow has been an amazing learning experience.  I had a wonderful opportunity while working as a chef to visit a few seed companies in Oregon.  The hard work and dedication from farmers to insure quality seed inspired me.  I have learned so much about the importance of quality seed in my own experience with gardening.

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Seed of change

By purchasing seeds you are starting to make a change.  You can safe money and insure that you and your family eat more healthy foods.  One packet of seeds can save you a lot of money.  There are many ways to grow herbs and vegetables in small amounts of space.   It is fun when you use creative ways to to plant food around your house, even if you only have a small area to grow.

Before you buy seeds

The quality of the seeds that you buy is super important.  I have bought seeds in the past and have been terribly disappointed by the results.  You need to make sure that you are buying quality seeds that will give you the best results when you start growing your own food.  Here is a list of some great seed companies that I use here in the North West:

  1.  Territorial Seed Company
  2.  Seattle Seed Company
  3.   Seeds of Change

I also found this interesting article discussing the ten best seed companies that have heirloom seeds for sale.

Check out the link here! 

It is time to start planning your garden

Before you start planning your garden you should consider:

  1.  How much space do you have?
  2. What type of food do you like to eat?  We love tomatoes, and have successfully harvested and grown them even though this is not the perfect place to grow them.  If absolutely love a specific vegetable, trying being creative when you plan your food garden.
  3. What grows well in my area?  Here is a link to discover what grows well in your area:  Link! Here is another link that will give you a schedule of grow times for specific vegetables that you are trying to grow:  Link!

Creative solutions for small space food gardens

Don’t be discouraged if you have small garden space to work with.  It is fun and rewarding when you get creative with the space that you have.  Try looking at these links for creative ideas for your garden.

Don’t be overwhelmed or discouraged!

Like any new home project, you will have obstacles and failures.  You only stop learning about something if you decide to quit.  If you work at it you will find yourself being successful producing your own vegetables at home.  I hope you found this article interesting.  Please check out the rest of our website to find out more about what we are about!