Reaching People Through Social Media

Reaching People Through Social Media

I had an interesting conversation with small business owners over the weekend.  I was amazed by the failure of many of their marketing attempts, many with social media.  It is great when you see the likes and hearts and smiley faces.  It is not so great when you look at your ad spend and realize all these bells and whistles haven’t really driven one sale.

What is the best media platform for you?

When you are trying to reach out to other over the web, you need identify specific requirements you have for your business.  Are you trying to reach out to customer and establish a new relationship?  You might try working with a blog or website to tell the world about yourself and business.  Trying working with a website that post articles related to your niche.  If your business is in the food niche we absolutely would love to work together toward creative solutions to help your business reach people through content.  Fill free to contact us if you have food type content that would fit this site.

B2B vs B2C

Platforms like Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook are the most popular ways business are communicating with each other right now.  People, however, are seeking something deeper.  They are tired of seeing ads in there social media streams.  They are also being more cautious about content that is really a sales pitch.  To successfully reach people online you might want to focus your time on social media platforms, building relationships with people who you can help solve a problem for, and not just getting them to click on your ad.

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Here is a link to some interesting B2B info graphics