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Portland Restaurants

Portland Restaurants

Portland Restaurants

With just a little research you can save time and money when you dine out.  Are you tired of a disappointing dining experience?  We check out the multiple different aspects of restaurants including reviews, articles, and personal stories to find the best and most interesting restaurants that you can eat at in Portland.

This Video is produced at Bondi Hipster’s Youtube channel here.

Restaurants that have passion

The best restaurants that are around put a lot of energy in their product.  You can see the difference when you decide to dine at these locations. wants to focus on the types of places to eat out that will give you the best experience when you dine.  We want you to be satisfied when you decide to eat at one of these amazing Seattle restaurants.

3 Locations for Dining

We do our best to keep our list short.  There are so many considerations to look at.  We look at numerous aspects and do our best to give you a few really good locations to dine at.

  1. Paleys Place
  2. Hold Fast
  3. Nodoguru

We update these locations frequently so be sure to bookmark this page as we further explore dining together.

Chef and Food Community Feedback

We search everywhere to find the best videos, news, and events around the Portland area.  We are developing a community here and we would like you to become part of it.  We value your feedback because it is helping to better the dining experience for everyone when you do.  Tell us about your experience when dining at one of our featured restaurants.  If you have a great location we would also like to hear from you so we can tell the world about it.  Partake in our community by leaving a comment or sending us a message directly through our contact us page .

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