Portland Downtown:  Who is your favorite chef?


Portland Downtown:  Who is your favorite chef?

Can you tell us about the chef you like the most around Arlington Heights?  We are appreciate your personal stories about your favorite chefs and restaurants.  Tell us about your dining experience here.  Check out our pages and featured videos.


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Many top chefs work hard, passionately bringing food from farms to the table. 

Local produced food is creatively crafted into wonderful presented dishes by chefs for you, not only to eat, but to experience.  It becomes an art.  You can see the results when you sit down to eat at restaurants and have a wonderful dining experience.  You can feel the disappointment when you have a horrible dining experience.

Finding the right place to eat can be a challenge for us whether we like to eat at fine dining restaurants, a casual dining restaurant, or even just a bar or pub.  Sometimes you never really know what to expect.  You never see the chef and cooking staff.

We want to give the dining community an opportunity a chance to make more conscious dining decisions.  We are building a resource of chef interviews, chef news, and chef events in the Northwest.

4 Questions you should ask when dining out around The Portland Downtown?

Here are 4 Questions you should ask when dining out?

“I didn’t give them a negative review, but my family and I will never go there again.” ~ friend of mine.

How many times have you heard that statement from a friend?  We all love to dine out.  Finding the right place to eat can be a challenge for us whether we like to eat at fine dining restaurants, a casual dining restaurant, or even just a bar or pub. I am not going to talk about the huge fast food chains here, because that wouldn’t be right to you as a reader.  I am past that in my dining experience.  I’ve have learned to much already.  There is no turning back now.

I am particular with the places that I eat.  I like to find establishments that use produce provided by local purveyors and use meat from local farms using sustainable and ethical practices.  This didn’t used to be a factor for my dining choices.  I would just go to any eatery if the food was delivered fast and hot.  After working in the restaurant industry for a while I have learned that the choices that I make as a diner can have impacts on people.

There is so much that goes into the plate of food when you sit down to eat.

Chefs and cooks are working hard in the kitchen long before you and your family sit down to eat.  Huge boxes of food are delivered to a restaurant often early in the morning.  The chef and cooks then work speedily for hours preparing the food before any given service.  It’s tough; the work isn’t for everyone.  It takes passion, focus, and determination if you want to work in a kitchen that really cares the product that they provide.

This passion won’t be a factor with many places that you will experience as an eater.

Restaurant chains spend millions of dollars on advertising so that you as an eater, consume the products that they provide.  You like these products because you are told to.  It doesn’t matter were the food comes from, how the restaurant staff is treated, or how the food is prepared.  You may never hear about a local restaurant who works hard with local farmers and growers to provide you with an excellent, from scratch chef prepared meal that you may never forget.

These smaller local establishments don’t have the advertising budget to reach out to you like the bigger chains do. But I know now.  I have worked in many restaurants and have been amazed and hugely disappointed by the eateries that I have worked at and choose to dine at.  Try to ask questions.

Here are 4 dining questions that I find helpful when eating out:

  1. What farms does the produce come from?

 If the restaurant staff can’t answer this question you may want to question the passion and level of food product that they are providing.  Yes, produce is still grown on farms.

  1. Does the farm that you get your produce from use sustainable and organic methods to farm?

How farms utilize their land and resources can have huge impacts on the environment and effect the safety of the food product.

  1. What farms are providing your meat?

Again, you should look to the answers of this question to judge how much a restaurant cares about what they are serving you.

  1. Are these animals being ethically treated and farmed using sustainable practices?

Many animals experience a horrible life before they are slaughtered.  This treatment can have various negative effects on the product that you eat.

This video on this page comes from BB Ranch Butcher.  Please take a look at other videos they have here

What is sustainable agriculture is a great link provided By UC Davis for more information.  The Sustainable Table has some great information at their site here.

You can also use resources that talk about dining experiences that people have when dining.  Seeing other people’s reactions can give you a better idea of what to expect when dining at a restaurant.  You can save a ton of money by doing even just a little research before you eat out.  You can also find great and interesting places to eat that you will return to repeatedly.  Try using resources like Trip Advisor or Yelp to find personal reviews about dining.

I am a chef who continues to do research and write about where I dine.

This page will continue to create a list of restaurants and their answers to these four dining questions above.  Please book mark this page so that you can return and find out how restaurants answer these 4 questions.  If you eat out and decide to ask these 4 questions and want me to list the information on this page please send me a message and I will record your results as well.

I am also a google local guide.

videos and photos are posted when I dine out. You should consider this program if you want to help people learn more about where they eat.  I hope this article can help you make conscious dining decisions.  Thanks for stopping by.  Even google loves food check out there tribute to pad thai here.