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People are eating themselves to death

People are eating themselves to death.

You see them every day on your T.V. screen, computer, or phone. It’s a hamburger from your favorite fast food restaurant and it looks good, almost unnaturally good.

You can almost taste the burger when you see the advertisement. How can that burger look so good? People in the advertisement look so happy? You know that you probably shouldn’t, but resistance quickly fades. You hop in your car and head to get a burger.

Eating burgers and other fast food favorites is having deadly results.

Recent studies are showing that close to half of stroke and heart disease deaths are caused by what we eat. When we choose to consume fast food we are simply not getting what the body needs to stay healthy. The processed fast foods contain high fructose corn syrup and other lethal ingredients that are leading to death.

When we say process foods we are often talking about food that has been created in a lab by scientists.

Their goal is to make sure that the fast food is so good that is irresistible and addictive. Their job is more like a meth lab than a farm. Yes, some food does still come from farms. These scientists work very hard to ensure you pick their product over the one that is produced by the farm.
Most humans can’t resist these products. It is in our nature to store fat. Chemicals like high fructose corn syrup triggers a reward response in our brain when we consume it. But we are not being rewarded, we are dying. Consumer are falling in love we these foods and eating themselves to death.