Northgate: Thanksgiving and cranberry sauce

Northgate: Thanksgiving and cranberry sauce.

The first thanksgiving was in 1692, a celebration of the autumn harvest between the Plymouth colony pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians.  Being the fall season many wild edibles are not available.  But one interesting ingredient is.  The cranberry would be ripe during this time and was probably used in the first celebration we now know as Thanksgiving.

How to identify and harvest cranberries

The cranberry is found in many regions across the globe.  Europe, Russia, Canada, and the U.S. all have species of cranberries that have been harvested for centuries. Below is a video of how to harvest and identify a cranberry.  You should always be sure to check and make sure before consuming food you find in the wild.  Certain wild plants can make you sick or are even can be deadly.

This video is produced at The Secrets of Longevity Youtube channe here. 

How to make your own cranberry sauce from scratch in Northgate

I love to make my own cranberry sauce, especially during the time of Thanksgiving.  Scratch made cranberry sauce always seems to taste better than the store bought alternative.  It also seems to be a crowd favorite at the dinner table.  It is an easy recipe so don’t be intimidated by making your own cranberry sauce.

This video is produced at Divas Can Cook’s Youtube channel here.

Another cranberry sauce recipe for Thanksgiving

This next recipe is a little more advanced.  You have to make a caramel first.  I would say again not to be intimidated by the technique.  You can always get better at something as long as you don’t quit trying.  I must say on a side note that one of the reasons that I decided to add this recipe is because I had a dream that I was hanging out in Gordon Ramsey’s kitchen last night.  We were arguing on the importance of a chef to have experience as a dishwasher before become a chef.  Anyway here is another cranberry sauce recipe for the holidays.

This video was produced at Gordon Ramsey’s Youtube channel here.

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