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Our new genetically modified lives

Our new genetically modified lives


Our new genetically modified lives

Modern food science has disregarded any respect for creation, replacing natural systems with cooperate driven schemes, bent on the monetization and monopoly of food production, with little concern for humanity.  These schemes can only result in a genetically modified and controlled food product that is not sustainable and will quickly diminish as depleting resources become unavailable; their methods becoming so toxic to the natural environment that only modern cataclysm can ensue.  These systems relinquish our ability to produce our own food using natural methods to corporate and government managed food products that have been genetically modified.  The dangers of these modifications are currently being felt and are already having devastating results.  The system left unchecked will have permanent genetic effects on our lives.

Genetically modified food also called (GMO), results when the DNA of a plant is modified to meet certain genetic parameters.

These modifications often focus on high yield and are patented by large corporations that control seed production and distribution.  Seeds that are not GMO often cross pollinate with GMO strands resulting in a hybrid plant that falls under the patent owned by the large corporations.  Many smaller farms are subject to lawsuits if they choose to use their own seed for farming.

Some of the negative effects of GMO’s on humans that are currently being researched include:  Allergy, antibody resistant germs, and cancer.  Research is pointing to the fact that GMO’s trigger the natural allergic reactions people would experience from natural products.  Cases of allergies and severe allergic reactions are on the rise around the world and evidence is pointing its finger at GMO Food.  Oftentimes when a food if modified it can produce pathogens that resist our natural immune capabilities, and cause illness outbreaks.  It is hard to find cures for these super pathogens.  GMO’s are also linked to cancer and severe liver and kidney damage.  Studies indicate that test animals who are fed genetically modified maize develop cancer, kidney, and liver problems.  Their hormones are affected by the GMO’s as well.  Many scientists who are paid ridiculous salaries by companies that develop GMO foods would argue that these new constructed foods are not bad for you.  They say this because that is what are being paid to say.

It may be too late to avoid exposure to GMO’s.

Numbers from the USDA are showing that 80-90 percent of grains and corn produced in the U.S. come from genetically modified seeds.  It is probably likely that when you go to the grocery store you will pick more than one item that has been genetically modified.  Even if you are super conscious about what you eat you will likely expose yourself to genetically modified foods.  You are especially perceptible if you are the type of grocer who avoids fresh produce for packaged or processed alternatives.

Packaged and processed foods often contain ingredients that are GMO.

One of the most common ingredient that is super prevalent today is soy and high fructose corn syrup.  These two ingredients are ever popular with Americans and found almost everywhere in the grocery store.  These ingredients are found in many products that have the appearance of healthy or natural products.  Often labels are designed to attract customers but still contain these ingredients.  You could say that every time we shop, GMO foods are almost unavoidable.  So, regardless of the human desire to resist the Frankenstein monster that we have created for ourselves, consumption is nearly certain.  It seems that people in general have given in and are willing to submit to the unnatural food alternatives that we have created, rather than cultivate food using natural systems.

GMO’s are now excepted in our daily lives, although we know that they are bad for us.

The future is bleak and we as humans seem to have chosen this acceptance.  Business and industry thrive from these cheap alternatives.  The medical field makes huge profits from the health problems caused by these modifications.  With all the capital that is produced by these constructed foods who would want anything alternative.

Maybe it is better just to accept these modifications to natural systems and relinquish concerns for the higher call of capital gains?

It is hard enough for people to make decisions that stray from social norms being established by corporations through media outlets and other sources.  In fact, people who refuse these new systems could be considered a threat to capitalism in general.  Making a stand for natural systems such as small organic farms and natural organic systems could be seen as non-capitalist.   Natural methods could thus be even considered a type of terrorism.  Perhaps it is just best for us as good citizens of the United States of America to forget health concerns that are caused by genetically modified food and simply accept our new genetically modified lives?

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