Immigration, Diversity, and the Hospitality Industry


Immigration, Diversity, and the Hospitality Industry

How has the modern immigration policy effected the restaurant and hospitality industry?  Workers that fill the positions within our industry often come from diverse backgrounds.  The demand and high level of competition within our industry often attracts talented individuals from very diverse backgrounds.  What are the effects of the new American policy’s in regard to immigration?

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Food diversity under threat?

One thing that I have experienced in kitchens in Seattle is diversity.  I remember my first lead line cook job in Downtown Seattle.  The chef that I worked under was culinary trained in Rome.  He spoke 4 languages including French, Portuguese, Spanish, and English.  He was an immigrant with an infant son when I took the job.  The kitchen staff was very diverse with people from across South America and even Africa.  The work environment was diverse and I learned things about cooking that I will never forget.  Is type of kitchen diversity now under threat with new American policies?

Our Culinary Culture

I love seeing so many interesting restaurants in the Northwest.  Creative restaurants are opening with cuisine from all over the world.  American restaurant and hospitality culture is so diverse here currently.  Do we really want to loose the amount of difference we see in our industry?  I really can’t imagine a restaurant industry with restaurant concepts that include only cultures from European countries or countries that are considered non”shithole”  countries.

Our Responsibility to Promote Diversity

As leaders in industry we need to support diversity.  We should see the amazing benefits of the creativity that can be allowed with the culinary talent from a spectrum of cultures.  This is what makes our Northwest chefs so great.  This is what helps us to stand out and be something special.

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