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Foraged ingredients for chefs and foodies

Foraged ingredients for chefs and foodies

Foraged ingredients for chefs and foodies!

I am a chef who loves to go into the woods to find ingredients.  It is super fun and exhilarating when you stumble across ingredients in the wild.  The more that I learn about what is growing around me in the wild, the more I realize that I am surrounded by food.  With a little work you can start to discover edible foods that you will love and start saving money at the grocery store.

Be sure that you know what you are harvesting

You should make sure that you know exactly what you have found before you use the ingredient.  I would make sure to ask your local state college experts or certified professionals to help you confirm what you have found is something that isn’t dangerous.  I have found mushrooms that I thought for certain were edible only to find out that it was not the ingredient that I thought.  Luckily I double checked with an expert before I ate the ingredient.

Make sure you selectively harvest

When you do find your mushrooms or fiddle head ferns in the wild, make sure that you don’t harvest all of them.  You should leave some of the ingredient alone to ensure that it will be able to procreate next season.  This type of harvesting is called sustainable harvesting.  When you leave some of the food in the woods you will insure it continues to thrive in its natural environment.

Foraged ingredients for chefs and foodies

  1.  Stinging nettle is a super-food.  We find nettles all around us in the wild in the Pacific Northwest.  Check out this link on more Ideas on how to harvest nettle.
  2. Fiddle Head Ferns are tasty and are found everywhere in the Pacific Northwest.  Check out this link on how to identify and harvest fiddle heads.
  3. Miners Lettuce is abundant in the Pacific Northwest.  It has a slight tartness when fresh and is an amazing green.  Here is a link to a video on how to identify and harvest miners lettuce.
  4. Wild strawberries are a great find.  I started to notice these little beauties all around the forest in my area.  They have amazing and complex sweet flavors.  Here is a link to more information on these great berries.
  5. Dandelions  are completely edible and have many health benefits.  Here is a link to a video about how to harvest dandelions.
  6. Oregon Grape are great in jams and jellies.  The root is also a great medicinal.  Here is a video link to more information


This list is growing

Please be sure this to visit us again as the list grows.

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