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Food Community Sustainability

Chef’s Choice Organic Farm Fresh Produce - Seattle’s Culinary Food Delight

Organically grown produce has become a local favorite in Seattle, where more and more chefs and cooks are now opting for sustainable culinary practices for their food.

Organic produce are free from pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers and other hazardous chemicals that damage the health of people. With individuals becoming enlightened and health conscious, the demand for organic produce has increased considerably in Seattle. Therefore, to meet the growing need of time, most chefs are coming up with innovative recipes and ventures that are focused on or around fresh farm produce.

Today, with changes in trends and expectations, organic is not just a marketing gimmick, rather it is a lifestyle choice. Since we are what we eat, consuming healthy produce can help in eliminating diseases and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Considering the popularity of this trend, many chefs are now coming up with restaurants in Seattle that only cater to food that is prepared using fresh organic produce.

Many people wonder, why is there a need for food that is prepared using organic produce. The reasons are simple:

  • You Contribute To The Well-Being Of The Environment: It is believed that conventional farming techniques are dangerous for the soil and streams. Therefore, by opting for organic farming, the Seattle farmers do not use toxic materials that can damage the surrounding.
  • They Are Regulated by the USDA: The organic produce is regulated by the USDA. This indicates that the food is safe for human consumption and adequate care is taken whilst handling the produce.
  • Contribution to The Welfare of Organic Farmers: With the demand for organic produce increasing in Seattle, the ratio of farms has also increased that provide such produce. This means, by purchasing from people who do not compromise on health, the chefs and the buyers in Seattle play a noble role in thriving the market.
  • A Healthier Alternative: When you eat organic food, you consume a diet that is rich in minerals and vitamins, unlike non-organic produce. This way, people who eat such food can easily combat diseases. While the chemicals found in non-organic foods increase the risk of cancer, these foods are not just satiable but nourishing, preventing you from various diseases.
  • Decadent Taste: The taste is one of the primary reasons to choose organic produce. While the chef will certainly do his magic, the rich aromatic vegetables used, will simply enhance the taste. So, you get appetizing meals each time.


While many chefs have adapted this ideology to be ahead of the curve, others will gradually switch to organic produce considering the popularity. Seattle has always been a state that has depicted its love for food, therefore, this comes as no surprise that they have now taken a step ahead to make their meals full of healthy nutrients and more flavorful.

If you are also excited about the organic food trend, visit North West Chefs to experience true culinary joy. The community has been created to rejoice the art of cooking and promote chefs in Seattle who understand the importance of sustainable culinary practices. The passion and zeal reflects the true love for food which Seattle never fails to depict.









Food Community Sustainability