Favorite Post Pictures

Favorite Post Pictures

Seattle Restaurants
call to action
Digital Citizen

Image credit:  Pixabay.com and Scott Stokes

My Photo Selections

A picture can tell a story.  It is always fun to search for great pictures to use on my website.  I wanted to give a little description of my selections for this photo gallery!

  1.  The Upper left picture is picture of Steak and potato Soup that I made over a wood fired stove recently.  I have been working on perfecting my broth which is the base of many great soups such as this one.  Please check out my article that this picture is featured in : http://northwestchefs.com/recipe/broth/
  2. The Upper right is a picture inspired from our recent trip to Seattle.  Please check out an article this is featured in:  http://northwestchefs.com/seattle-restaurants/.  I love to write about the amazing Seattle food scene.  This picture comes from Pixabay.com.
  3. The Bottom left  picture was inspiring to me because how it expresses a diverse people connection.   I used this picture in another recent article addressing my content for this website.  Check it out here:  http://northwestchefs.com/a-call-to-action/.  This video is produced at Pixabay.com
  4. The Bottom right picture was taken while I was exploring the amazing world of Second Life!  I am pretty impressed with this platform.  Please check out an article I featured this picture in: http://northwestchefs.com/citizens-digital-world

Send us Your Photos!

If you have some great pictures that you would like featured on this website let us know by contacting us!

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