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Food: How can cross cultural differences solve hunger?

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Food: How can cross cultural differences solve hunger?

The issue of world hunger looms like a dark cloud. Resources are being depleted or tainted by man’s desire for wealth. Humanities differences across cultures have caused chaos due to our inability to work together. The current world food system will not be able to sustain the human race in the near future. If we want to see any viable or sustainable option, we are going to have to work together.

Over 790 million people across the globe don’t access to enough food


This estimation grows as humanity’s conflicts, driven by cultural differences, inhibit our ability to develop sustainable solutions. Religious, social, and economic differences have snapped the cord of unity of the human race, laying waste the bridge toward a better future.

How can we rebuild such global catastrophic conditions brought about by bias, greed, and hatred?

We need to work together. Compassion and understanding needs to replace ignorance and selfish aspiration. If we can focus on how we can strengthen each other thru cultural collaboration, we can come together to create sustainable solutions.

Sustainable collaboration with the goal of human prosperity is not an unattainable goal.

Humanity across cultures has been given a vast amount of gifts. We need to focus on the cultural gifts we have been given and how they can help others. All cultures are pieces of the puzzle that fit to bind together the beautiful picture, which is humanity.  Each piece is different and amazing. Each has it’s gift to the picture as a whole. All pieces of the puzzle fit. All pieces of the puzzle are needed to complete the picture. We have a vague understanding of what the final product should look like. We just haven’t figured out how to put the puzzle together yet.

If we can replace fear with community efforts towards and sustainable a prosperous future for humanity what would be the result?

What obstacles could we not overcome? Please leave your comments below as we work together to find solutions.

Please follow this link a link to an article on how to develop skills in growing your own food.

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