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Food and Family

food and family

Food and Family

Food is about family.  From the earliest points of recorded history, food and family were the focus of the human race. The ideals of the home, nourishment, and survival was based upon the acquisition of food.  Culture was established by our relationship with food.  The world is moving fast now.  The demands of society often conflict with our ability to cook food at home.  Does the family life feel the stress of these new demands?

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Food and Community

Food is one thing that has always brought the community together.  From a desire for group survival arrived the idea of feast day and festival.  Are changes in today’s society moving us away from the sense of food community?

Enjoying your food

Take time to return to the idea of food, family, and community.  Plan out a day to go to a farmers market.  Find new and interesting things that you can try to eat. Talk to the farmers about how they grow produce or raise meat. Look up creative recipes to use these new ingredients with. Create an amazing and creative meal for your family and loved ones.

Eating at Restaurants

Take the time to do some research about great restaurants in your area.  Where do they source their food.  Who is the chef and what is his passion behind his career.  The more effort you put in to discover great and amazing places to eat, the more you will find yourself enjoying the meal with your guest or loved ones.

Returning to Food and Family

When you find yourself taking steps to enjoy your food with your family you will will reap the rewards.  You will learn more about locally sourced and seasonal ingredients.  You will find yourself interacting with talented and passionate food professionals.  You will better understand culture and the way the communities can come together.

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