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Citizens of a Digital World

Citizens of a Digital World

Codes of light, transferring data across the globe, have allowed us to instantly interact with one another.  Technology advancements have given us the ability to communicate and collaborate in ways our recent ancestors would have never dreamed of.  With this power comes responsibility.  We are now citizens of a digital world.

Growth in a Digital world

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and various other platforms have drastically changed the way we interact.  I talk with my friends from high school everyday, although they live 500 miles from me.  I see pictures of their family.  I learn about their political and spiritual beliefs.  I see parts of them that I might never see with a face to face conversation.  We are learning and growing together in ways recently not possible. This communication is as real as we create it.  The possibilities endless.   The potential for danger real.

This video is produced at Gracie Kendal’s Youtube channel here.

Building Relationships in a Digital World

Building strong relationships with each other is the possibility with these powerful new platforms.  The ability to work together to build amazing business and social relationships is now available to us with the clicking of a keyboard key and the swipe of a mouse.  Strong communities are erected every day.  People are seeking contributors of talent and creativity to help these new communities thrive and grow.  Expression and communication in the digital world start with you establishing your digital identity.

Your Identity in a Digital World

How you contribute to contribute to communities is up to you.  You can express yourself in the digital world in ways you might not be able to in the physical world.  You can be creative, friendly, outgoing, helpful.  You can also choose to be destructive.  Your digital identity is an expression of your self.  You decide your digital identity.

Being Helpful to a Digital World

When you see content that you can relate with share it.  When you do, you are helping people reach others.  You are creating relationships.  You are establishing business contacts.  You are helping communities.  Try being helpful to others in the digital world by “paying it forward”.  Use the methods of the various social media platforms to share, communicate, and help others.  Find your digital Identity and be a good citizen of the digital world.





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