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Chefs and Zero Tolerance

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Chefs and Zero Tolerance

Sexual harassment has been a major problem for restaurant workers.  According to a recent poll from NPR over 58 percent of women and over 28 percent of men experience sexual harassment in the work place.  Unreported incidents are often common place.  Kitchen professionals do not report these common incidents, fearing they will loose their job if they complain about the problem.  Almost everyone agrees that this is a problem for the modern workplace that needs to be addressed.  What can chefs do about the problem?

This video was produced at WGBH Youtube channel here.

What can be done about sexual harassment?

Chefs and restaurant managers need to step up sexual harassment training in the workplace.  A professional sexual harassment training program can be implemented and can benefit the whole kitchen workforce.  Efforts toward a zero tolerance policy in your kitchen can create a safer environment and be better for everyone.

Considerations for Chefs and Managers

Protect yourself and your workers by taking actions towards a zero tolerance workplace.  Here is an article about creating a prevention training checklist.  Take action to protect your workers by instilling a professional sexual harassment training program.  Budget considerations should be made for sexual harassment training during tactical and strategic planning of your hospitality business.  Here is a link for sexual harassment training resources.

What do you do about sexual harassment?

Have you seen success or failure with your sexual harassment training?  How do you implement training or deal with sexual harassment at your hospitality operation.  What are some improvements you would suggest for sexual harassment training for hospitality professionals?  If you are a hospitality professional we would like to here from you.  Be sure to leave your comments about sexual harassment and zero tolerance below.  Let’s work together to make the hospitality industry a zero tolerance work environment.  Please share this article if you find it interesting.