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Chefs: Telling Our Story

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Chefs:  Telling Our Story

I get overwhelmed by marketing within the hospitality industry.  You see it every time you engage with a media source.  Turn on the television and take a look at the commercials.  What do you see?  Food commercials that do their best to convince you the that purchasing their product is going to make you feel like the beautiful people in the commercials.  Professional media marketers creatively sprawl their adds in our face over and over again like a professional fisher, dangling a lure to catch his pray.  Many people are becoming more aware of the lures marketers are using.  Like older and more cautious, larger fish,they are no longer taking the bait.

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Reaching Your Customers Through Story

Story telling is a creative and effective way for people such as chefs to reach their audience.  Let’s face it, people within the restaurant industry usually have an interesting story to tell.   Usually this story involves food.  Telling your food story is a great way for you to engage with people about your passion and history behind your product.

The Positive Effects of Story Telling

Story telling example:  I was recently talking to a chef friend of mine who is from Columbia.  He was raised in Colombia and learned how to cook to get away from the violence and drugs that many young people of his childhood neighborhood experience.  Using traditional recipes passed down to him from generations of local ethic family cooks, he looks to express his culture through his food as he cooks professionally here in the States. Upon trying one of his creative and spicy chicken dishes I was amazed!  It was delicious!  While engaging with my friend about his view on food, I was also rewarded with a glimpse into this chefs personal story about his cuisine.  Can you see this being beneficial to you as a chef?  Take a look at this article related to story telling and social media:

Creative Ways to Engage

People are becoming more and more turned away from social media posts that they consider adds.  They are simply tired of it.  If you are merely using your social media platforms to attempt to advertise your product you might find yourself being unsuccessful in a competitive industry.  You need to be creative, honest, and personally engaging to have success.  Telling your story using social media is a great way to accomplish this.  Here is an article that I found on creative ways to use social media to tell your story:

Let us Help You to Tell Your Story

Story telling can be very effective in reaching people.  If you have a stake in the hospitality industry we would love to talk to you about your story.  Please contact us if you think that you have interesting content that you would like to reach people with.  We like to personally work with hospitality professionals to see how we can help you connect with people who might be interested in your products.

Here is another article about becoming a better social media storyteller: 

Check out this Facebook post I did about a chef who is telling his story!

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