Chefs and Community

Chefs and Community

Chefs and Community

We have so many great small farms in our community.  I love hanging out with farmers.  I learn so much every time that we get together.  Farming takes a lot of work.  You can really appreciate where your food comes from when you interact with the farmer.  What grows well in your area?  What is season during a certain time of the year?  You can find out so much when you interact with the farmers in your area.

Farms in Your Area

What farmers live in your area?  You don’t have to be a chef or hospitality professional to find out.  Often times farmers are willing to tell you about how the grow their produce are how their livestock is raised.  If your a pro chef your always looking for the best product for the best price.  It is something special when you build friendships with the local producers.

This video is produced at OrganicNation’s Youtube Channel Here.

Building Relationships

Relationships take time.  The more you reach out to people the more you will learn and grow.  You will come to find out that most farmer and producers are wonderful people.  They are passionate and dedicated to their craft.  They are often times involved in the community and form many groups that focus on education and the sustainability of their methods.

Farms in the Pacific Northwest

I have a few close friends that are lavender farmers in the area.  I think that lavender is a challenging ingredient to use.  The farms are beautiful when the the lavender is blossoming.  If you are considering visiting the Olympic Peninsula you should check out a lavender farm.  Every year in the area the lavender growers puts on the Sequim Lavenders Festival.

Visiting Farms

Be sure to bookmark this page as we visit farms in the area and provide you information about the the Pacific Northwest.

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